The Journey

The journey will be around 17.000km long and we drive around the Black Sea and Caspian Sea. We start on august 15th in 's Hertogenbosch and we will return in Amersfoort on october 16th.

We are self-contained: we will carry all our luggage on our motorcycles including water and petrol. Tom rides a BMW R1200 GS from 2006 and Martin rides a Suzuki V-Strom DL 1000 from 2005. Next to the 'adventure' outfit for the bike (crash bars and the works) we decided to use the TKC80 tires from Continental. During the trip we will sleep in tents, but also in hotels.

We will visit the following countries: Germany, the Czech republic, Hungary, Bulgaria, Turkey, Iran, Turkmenistan, Oezbekistan, Kirgistan, Kazachstan, Russia, Oekraine and Poland.

A Good Cause

Fight cancer is a label of The Dutch Cancer Society (KWF Kankerbestrijding) to fight against cancer. Fight cancer raises funds for cancer research and for creating awareness on cancer. Next to this Fight cancer provides a platform for those who want to join the fight against cancer.

A fight needed to be fought.

Still one in every three people in the Netherlands gets cancer. That is way too much. More research is needed to gain more knowledge on how to decrease the risk of cancer.

We support Fight cancer ......... You too?


Tom van Ees, born in 1958 planned to make this journey for a long time. During a lunch break in a customers office the topic of the journey came on the table. Martin listened to Tom's ideas and decided that he wanted to participate. The rest is history.

Tom works as a consultant at Davinci Advies in Amsterdam and is managing director of Tendata


Martin de Vries, born in 1972, always wanted to make a trip of significant length. When Tom told that he wanted to make a trip of some 14.000km, Martin decided that he wanted to participate. After all, 14.000km is not a trivial distance.

It quickly became clear that the trip was even more significant and less trivial, because after carefull re-measuring the trip proved to be 17.000km.

You can check out his site for background info on the preparation and the bikes, go to

Martin works as security officer at Rabo International Direct Banking

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